Welcome to the Asian Dance Council

The Asian Dance Council aims

  • to educate, enhance and promote “The Art of Ballroom Dancing” in Asia.
  • to provide an environment of peace, freedom, and unity in which all the Asian dancers are able to pursue their careers.
  • to unite all Asian dancers under the Asian Dance Council.
  • to support and to co-operate with the World Dance Council (WDC), as its affiliate member.
  • to grant recognition for organisation of Asian dance championships and all kinds of dance events in Asia.
  • to conduct the annual “Asian Ranking Series” Asian Series Dance Championships in Asia to determine the top ranking Asian dancers of the year.

The ADC is committed to its goal of encouraging and promoting dance through Asia. The ADC also encourages healthy competitive dancing by organising the Asian Series Dance Championships to determine the competitors’ annual rankings in Asia. This promotes the development and the enhancement of dance, as well as the improvement in the execution of dance techniques of competitors of member countries of the ADC. These Championships which encourage and involve sponsors, also attracts multi-media sharing of this wonderful activity as evidenced by movie and television hit sensations, will serve to benefit and promote dancing in Asia and Worldwide.

The members elect the ADC Presidium comprising of the President and Vice-Presidents once in every three years at the Asian Dance Council Annual Meeting. Thus, the President and the Vice-Presidents shall hold office for three (3) years until the next Election.

All current members of the ADC can be found in the MEMBERS of this site.

Please be most welcome to browse through the pages on this website. Should you not find the information you are searching for, please contact our Secretary, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., from where we will be delighted to assist you further.

In the meantime, " Enjoy the wonders of Dance. Happy Dancing.”


P HenryOoi
Dato’ Dr Henry Ooi